Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit V Max Arrow Rest


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4 in stock

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The all-new Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit V Max offers increased accuracy and efficiency over the tried and true Original Whisker Biscuit. With patented V-Notch technology, the Whisker Biscuit V is the perfect performance enhancement for any bow.

Offering windage adjustments to increase accuracy and precision in every shot and the patented V-notch technology centers your arrow with fewer points of contact than the original design.

With its innovative V-shaped design, the Whisker Biscuit V Max arrow rest uses only two points of contact to naturally center the arrow, eliminating any side-to-side movement. The perpendicular bristles reduce vane drag, allowing the arrow to easily slice through and maintain velocity with each shot.

Thanks to its advanced windage adjustment and reference marks, tuning becomes a breeze. This arrow rest is both incredibly accurate and consistent, ensuring a consistent arrow trajectory shot after shot.

Designed for Right Handed Shooters


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