Trophy Ridge Digital React One Pin


Trophy Ridge DIGITAL REACT ONE PIN .010 pin

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2 in stock

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Discover the most innovative and efficient bowhunting sight. The Digital React One Pin features a vertical React® floating pin available in either .010 or .019 diameter. Digital React utilizes Trophy Ridge’s patented React® Technology, which mathematically adjusts your pins and yardage indicators to be spot-on at any distance. Meet the all-new Digital React One Pin bow sight by Trophy Ridge.

For nearly a decade, Trophy Ridge’s React®️ Technology has been the preferred sight technology by archers worldwide. React Technology is the fastest and most efficient when sighting in a bow for the first time. In 10 minutes or less, you can have your bow dead-on from 20 to 100+ yards. For 2022, Trophy Ridge has upped the ante with the new Digital React sights powered by Trophy Tech®️, the muscle behind Trophy Ridge’s technology. The sight weighs a total of 12oz.

.010 Pin


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