iRay BOLT TH50C 640×512 50mm


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The iRay BOLT TH50C V2 was designed for optimal use on any platform that demands flexible mounting options and increased eye relief.

In addition to the features found on the original TH50C, the TH50C V2 adds several highly requested features, including an AMOLED display, audio recording, and laser rangefinder connectivity via Bluetooth.

The BOLT-C Series expands on the success of the BOLT with the addition of our industry-leading 12 μm 640×512 Micro II sensor, 2560×2560 Micro-OLED HD display, and Shutterless Calibration feature.

The iRay BOLT TH50C maintains the traditional look and flexibility of a 30mm ring mounting interface, while its proven combination of a manual focus lens, dual battery design, and tactile control turret work in tandem with its pixel-dense display to provide an improved viewing experience and unmatched level of precision to your next hunt.

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Sensor Resolution: 640×512
Sensor Pixel Size: 12μm
Objective Focal Length: 50mm
Sensor Frame Rate: 50hz
Detection Range: 2400 Yards
Device Technology: Thermal Imaging
Onboard Recording: Yes
Digital Magnification: 4X, stepped
Optical Magnification: 3.5X
Objective Diameter: 50mm
Objective F#: 1.1


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