Browning Pistol Field Cleaning Kit


The perfect portable cleaning kit for your pistol.

13 in stock


13 in stock


The Browning Pistol Field Cleaning Kit is designed to be light, small, and have exactly what you need to keep your gun running in the field. This highly portable cleaning kit for your pistol includes a two-section T-handle brass cleaning rod, 3 brushes and jags, 2 brass slotted tips, a thread adaptor, a lube/solvent bottle, non-woven patches, and zippered nylon case.


  • Two-section T-handle brass cleaning rods fit .22 caliber and larger
  • 3 phosphor bronze bore brushes: .22, .38/9mm and .45
  • 3 brass jag tips: .22, .38/9mm and .45
  • 2 brass slotted tips
  • Thread adaptor
  • 40 non-woven cleaning patches
  • Empty poly lube/solvent bottle with twist closure pinpoint spout
  • Black zippered nylon field case with belt loop


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