Hornady 6mm ARC


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The 6mm ARC has been thoroughly evaluated, chosen, and adopted by a dedicated team within the U.S. Department of Defense for its all-purpose combat rifle initiative. This adaptable cartridge is capable of achieving much of what larger cartridges can while surpassing the capabilities of smaller ones. With the world’s most demanding critics in mind, the 6mm ARC utilizes highly efficient, high-BC bullets to provide unparalleled performance on the AR-15 platform. The commercial 6mm ARC options will include bullets specifically chosen to deliver optimal results for hunting, match shooting, and personal protection purposes.

The 6mm ARC is a powerful and versatile ammunition that offers exceptional results when used with AR-15 platforms. It is also suitable for short or micro action bolt guns and can be used for a range of purposes from personal defense to hunting, match shooting, and military and law enforcement operations. With its optimal combination of system weight, performance, and shootability, this ammunition has set a new standard for AR-15 platforms.

To achieve optimal all-range performance and barrel longevity, it’s important to consider a balanced approach to the cartridge, chamber, propellant design, and bullet selection. The 6mm ARC is a great choice for a variety of applications due to its ability to deliver excellent terminal performance with a wide range of bullet options.


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