Our passionate family of expert outdoorsmen is what truly drives Top Ten Percent to success.

From managing our podcast, YouTube channel, and brick and mortar Headquarters, our team is dedicated to providing you products, knowledge, and entertainment to get you to the Top Ten Percent. 

Top Ten Percent was created as a teaching aid as a moniker to serve symbolize what your property could be. It all started with a family, a Handycam, and a dream. While Top Ten Percent is still in our family to this day, it has evolved into a method, store and a brand.  Our headquarters is home to the most top tier products and expertise in the area.  With our learning materials, custom work, and dedicated team, we continue to grow as a family and a leader in the wildlife services industry.  

The top ten percent.


Scott Hunter

As a passionate hunter and avid outdoorsman, Scott founded Top Ten Percent Hunting Headquarters to reflect his own expertise and drive in the hunting industry.

He currently serves as the CEO of the company, which is built upon the foundation of family, experience, and ambition.

With a firm commitment to excellence, Scott leads his team in pushing Top Ten to new heights. As the "man with a plan," he aims to equip his customers with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in their hunting endeavors.

Kyle Hunter

Kyle, Scott's son, developed a passion for hunting at a young age, starting at just six years old. Today, he is a multifaceted contributor to the success of Top Ten Percent, serving as an artist, architect, strategist, videographer, and finisher for the company.

Throughout his time with the organization, he has participated in countless hunting expeditions and helped create breathtaking "Whitetail" properties.

Like his father, Kyle relishes the opportunity to work alongside his family while pursuing his passions.

Jeremy Hawes

Jeremy is an essential member of the Top Ten team, serving as the resident archery technician, gun builder, and headquarters manager.

He takes pride in offering top-of-the-line archery expertise, as well as bow repair and maintenance services. As a bow guide and expert, Jeremy is dedicated to ensuring that each customer receives the support they need to get started or improve their skills.

When he's not working, he enjoys spending time hunting with his family.

Dan Carter

Dan is a key player at Top Ten Percent, serving as the operations manager and digital creator. In addition to managing the company's social media engagement, he also hosts the popular Top Ten Percent podcast.

Dan's enthusiasm for hunting, fishing, and archery runs deep, making Top Ten Percent not only his job but also his way of life.

He brings his passion for the outdoors to all aspects of his work, ensuring that the company's digital presence reflects its commitment to excellence.

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